Saturday, 4 December 2010


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So many people needing financial advice & help but they don't know where to turn. The banks have just been ripping people off, up to now, so who do you trust? There's far few mortgage brokers and IFAs out there also. A combination of burdensome regulations & costs to cope with, scandalous dual pricing of mortgages from lenders, many advisers have simply retired or left the industry. As one of the only female Independent Financial Advisers in Cumbria, I'm trying hard to stick it out, because I know there is a huge need! With the onset of changes to benefit system, taxation and pensions, auto enrolment to pensions & NEST (If you've ever heard of it....but you will don't worry!).... in 2 years which WILL effect nearly every business & employee up and down the land, there's never been more of a need.

Yet it seems to me and the debate in the house of commons last Monday night backed this up, that the independent financial advice sector is being squeezed out deliberately to make way for the bankassurance sector. This is particularly the case for rural areas.

The statistics speak for themseleves. Latest figures regarding complaints to the Ombudsman

BanksAssurance Sector 98% (including high street banks 61%) - Complaints upheld - over 60% - and rising all the time.

IFA sector - 1 - 2% - Complaints upheld 39% - reducing all the time.

So who can you TRUST?

T is for TAKING the TIME to get to know your clients personally and TAKING an interest in their lives.

R is for building a long standing RELATIONSHIP with your clients, helping them plan their finances and making correct RECOMMENDATIONS that benefit their lives. If you do a good job then REFERRALS will follow and don't be afraid to ask for them!

U is for UTMOST - to make a commitment to do your UTMOST that any advice given to a client is in their best interest and not the firms.

S is for SAVING - Helping your clients SAVE for a rainy days, commitments or their retirement, helping them SAVE on time. It's also for STRESS which decent advice can very often take away.

T is for TESTIMONIALS & TAXATION .... If you're good at your job then you should be able to provide some TESTIMONIALS. Last of all TAXATION, which many of us pay too much of and good advice should always look to reduce!


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