Thursday, 10 February 2011

Press Release - “Sponsor Our Schools” - SOS!!

As an IFA and a Mum, I am appalled at the lack of financial education in our schools. Young adults often leave the system, having little knowledge regarding, tax, debts, budgeting and financial planning. It therefore comes as little surprise that currently we have the lowest savings ratio in Europe and many people in the UK find money matters difficult.

Working with ABCurriculum together, we want to do something about this! AB Curriculum have developed an action based learning programme consisting of thirteen fun activities for primary schools, called “Money Maths”. With the kind assistance of some forward thinking teachers, all of us are working together to develop a complete secondary programme for young adults, which will be ready in the summer.

“Money Maths” runs alongside ABC’s other “Live and Learn” programmes on enterprise, community, health, the environment and the Olympics. All are on display in the National STEM Centre

The problem is, budgets have now been slashed for learning materials and schools cannot afford to purchase these resources, even though they are desperately needed. We are therefore sending out an SOS to companies and in particular the financial services sector, to assist in this initiative and perhaps help restore the public’s trust in this industry.

This is a chance for all businesses throughout the UK, large and small, to get involved and engage with their local schools and community, so that the next generation, will have the opportunity to leave the education system better prepared and more financially educated to deal with adult life.

Please support SOS!

Julie Bayley and everyone at AB Curriculum.

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