Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sponsor Our Schools!

Teaching Personal Finances & Money Matters in School

S.O.S - Sponsor Our Schools

Budgets have now been slashed for learning materials and many schools cannot afford to purchase these resources, even though they are desperately needed. We are therefore sending out an SOS to the general public and especially companies, to assist in this initiative. This is a chance for all businesses throughout the UK, large and small, to get involved and engage with their local schools and community, so that all of our children can leave the education system better prepared and more educated to deal with adult life.

We are asking for help with four programmes which we strongly believe are important;

-Money Maths & The Leaky Bucket (teaching money matters & financial planning)
-Health, Community & Family
-Olympic Games
-People Who help Us

A business can brand the materials with their own sponsorship identity so it's a bit of advertising. We can create many packages to suit each individual school and a business could sponsor a whole school for as little as £500 and up to £15,000.

If everyone could afford to help sponsor this initiative we can help many children.
Just £1.00 can provide three weeks of education for a child.

To make a contribution please click on the

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