Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update: SOLLA Accreditation

As of this morning, I'm now officially an accredited adviser of SOLLA - Society of Later Life Advisers. Apparently I'm the first IFA, based in Cumbria to achieve this accreditation.

Society of Later Life Advisers

Hopefully there will be a few more IFAs joining SOLLA at some point as this organisation is surely the way forward and helps give older persons and their families confidence in the advice that they are receiving, often at very vunerable times. The accreditation process for SOLLA was quite rigorous as it should be, which also gives me confidence this is a worthwhile validation of my qualifications and experience.

We have an ever aging population in the UK and in Cumbria particularly there are lots of families wanting sound advice on Care Fees, Retirement and Estate Planning.

For more information on older people being preyed upon by bad advice, please see my earlier blog post - "The disturbing industry profiting from our fear of death"

Really pleased to have attained this as this ties in nicely with being a member of STEP - Society of Trust & Estate Practioners

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