Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Important Deadline for Claiming Back Care Fees

It appears that the deadline of 30th September 2012 for any Care Fee claims for unnecessarily paid fees prior to 1st April 2010 is to be implemented by the Department of Health.

If a client has unnecessarily paid fees prior to 1st April 2010 in a Care/Nursing Home or for Care at their home. Creditline Financial Limited will need to register the claim with the relevant Primary Care Trust (NHS) by the deadline date. 
If you know OF any individual where this may apply then as a Matter of Urgency please ask them to contact us ASAP.

In the UK individuals have been paying for care in their home and or care in a care home however, if they have a servere MEDICAL NEED this care should have been paid for by the NHS/Primary Care Trust.
It maybe that the clients fees were not paid for as the assessment process/processes have not been completed correctly or completed at all by the NHS/Primary Care Trust. 

From the research we have conducted with a number of solicitors who are currently active in the area the average claim is between £40,000 - £45,000. The highest paid claim we are aware of is £250,000. As the average weekly cost for care is £800.00 per week you can see that the financial opportunity is huge.

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