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"Julie explained to us the approach of the company we were previously with. She took on board our fear of risks bearing in mind the collapse of 2008 and put forward a number of options to meet our concerns. Her approach was simple and straightforward, with particular concern that we should understand the difficulties and risks associated with any investments, no matter how careful we were all investment carries some risk. We look forward to a long and beneficial financial relationship."
  • Ron, Durham - March 2014

    "We found Julie to be honest and straight talking and would reccomend her to everybody"

    What could your adviser do better? 
    "As far as we are concered not very much of anything"

    Frank, Cumbria, general manager - February 2014

    "Julie is very straight talking and much easier to understand than some of the other advisors we have met, she has made me feel at ease and I am happy letting her give me advice"

    Ashlea ginesi, Cumbria, interior designer - February 2014

From my Linked In Profile: Julie Bayley

“Julie is an excellent financial advisor, and is always able to provide quality and detailed information. Her key strength is her ability to provide prompt, accurate information with regards to new offerings, and the marketplace. Julie has many excellent contacts and has successfully found providers who outclass many major firms who are often working with a closed mind perspective. Excellent mortgage and insurance providers have been found for us by her, both for personal use and for our business Foldgate Partnership. TPS Publishing Inc, an educational publisher also highly recommend this very capable and personable advisor for other business consultancy recommendations.” November 25, 2008-April 2010.
           Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

From a former editor of the Observer Newspaper now married to a famous lady in Manhattan who has a very dry sense of humour! –

 “Who, having experienced the deft and efficient touch of Keswick IFA, could fail to launch into fandom forthwith?”

He did kindly ask me to add...

"Julie was of valuable help to me. With true commitment and the ability of an ace sleuth, she sorted out the difficult pension situation that I had left some years and 3,500 miles behind. She was unfailingly cheerful, optimistic and right. She is skilled, honest, considerate and wise. Ask and you will receive."



From clients in their 60s who I assisted with serious debt advice and retiral planning:-

            “Hi Julie,
Just a short note to say that Lily and I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done for us over the last few years, especially over the last very difficult eighteen months. Your input, help and advice is very much appreciated. We would have no problems recommending your services to family, friends or anybody wanting good sound financial advice and we will certainly be using your services in the future. Once again many thanks. We also give our permission for Julie Bayley and True Bearing to use our testimonial for marketing purposes”

From the daughter of elderly clients who I assisted a number of years ago with the very high cost of Care Fees to stay at home.  Sadly no longer with us, with careful planning of investments, pensions, care fees annuity and equity release solutions, we managed to preserve the estate as much as possible. In fact both daughters are still clients whose legacy portfolios I manage with the assistance of the professional investment managers we work with.

Julie Bayley acted as financial adviser for my parents in their late eighties and nineties, guiding them through the complexities of funding increasing care costs. She not only gave them excellent advice but she always found time to make her dealings with them a pleasure for them. She never rushed them, enabled them to understand what was proposed and made them feel affirmed. She became a much valued friend


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Client's Summary Comment:

In this 'techno-era' of automated telephone menus and DIY 'customer care', it has been truly refreshing to find an IFA who does not simply pay lip-service to the philosophy of good customer care - she actually practises it on behalf of each client! As a retired couple who found themselves obliged to try and obtain a mortgage once again (at a time in our lives when we would normally have expected to be 'mortgage-free'), we wondered if we should 'go it alone' - or place ourselves in the hands of an IFA in the hope that he/she would be able to save us the considerable time and effort required to identify a suitable mortgage product. Thank goodness we found Julie Bayley! Nothing has been too much trouble: ALL of our telephone calls/emails have been returned promptly and our questions answered - even over the weekend on one or two occasions, and we have been kept fully informed at every stage of our mortgage application. Julie has access to so many more Lenders than we could have located and was successful, very quickly, in obtaining the most appropriate deal for our circumstances; she has also put in place a Life Policy on our behalf to protect our mortgage payments should this be required at some future date. We are extremely happy with all aspects of the service we have received and have already recommended her to our son - on whose behalf she is currently beavering away! For a truly personal and professional service, from a qualified and experienced IFA, look no further than Julie Bayley.

Diane - Cumbria 24/7/12